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Friday, February 27, 2009

Parade of Cars

Our son was showing off all his car's to his Uncle and he had I think all of them out. Plus a Bee! They had a good time.
Kit used was from Brittish Designs - Motor, Font - Ultimatum. Click on link to go to their blog.

InDoor Campout

This is a fun thing for the kid's to do in winter and they love it. Hours of play time and some times a sleep over. Hee! Hee!
Kit used was Jofia DeVoe - Shabby Pickle - Dream Whispers, Font - Walt Disney Script.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

At the Pool with Bubba

This same trip we went to the pool and Dad pushes the stroller back to Gammie's. He thought I was crazy to have kid's at my age but he sure does want to be around, at least when they are quiet and behaved. LOL. We used some of these layouts for the Memorial Service. My sister made a beautiful slide show of photo's over the years and digi pages. It turned out wonderful. We were all crying. It was so nice to hear so many people get up and talk about Dad. We have such great memories of him and that will have to last until we see him again.
Kit used was one I bought some time back and just now used. Scrap Orchard - Ziggle Designs - Sprocket, Font - CK Marker. Click on link to see kit.

Bubba Plays

We were staying with my Grandmother and I went to take a shower and asked that everyone keep an eye on my son. When I came out there was Dad sitting on the floor playing with him. I was so surprised because well he's not into all the shenanigans that little ones get into. It was so sweet.
Used A Work in Progress - AWP - Vicki - Primary Grunge, Butterfly - Shabby Pickle - Jazzmin Designs - My Daydream, Font - CK Marker.

The Virgin River

These are some wonderful photo's of Dad with our son and in the area he loved,"The Desert." The water was moving pretty good which makes it look red. What a fun outing.
Used A Work in Progress - AWP - Vicki - several of her kits combined, Font - CK Marker.

An Evening with Friends

The kid's and I spent the evening with good friends, Dad and Gammie. We got together to visit and then went out to Gammie's favorite buffet. Dad had to show us his new Ice Tea Mug. I was amazed that someone could drink a coffee this big. Wow! We had a lovely evening. Of course desert was the little one's favorite part of the meal.
Kit used was Armina's Blog - Graffiti Grove and loved the alpha.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello from Kansas City

Well hello from Kansas City, where I am for my Dad's Memorial Service. Which went beautifully yesterday. I saw so many wonderful people that I hadn't seen in ages and it was great. So many special people who knew my Dad or came to see my sister and I. It meant so much to us. I will have photo's or pages later this week. It is cold here today. Burrrr....I keep thinking about Hawaii. Hee! Hee! Glad the Hotel has computer access. Blog you all soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walking the Dog

Our son couldn't wait to help walk the dog. He loves going for walks usually on the way to school and later to pick up our son and then we play on the play ground after. Solie sniffs everything and does what little boy dogs do.
This is such a great boy kit from - Random Musings of a Scrapaholic - Stacey Towers - SK8 or Die Dude, Font - CK Marker.


Wanted to get a cute picture of our new doggie. He is so sweet and does pretty good considering our children are small. He's about eight years old and loves to lay in the sunny spot in our daughters room. We call him Solie. We needed a pet again. I had two Shelties that passed away about 7 and 5 years ago and I missed having a little furry friend.
Used Scrapmalin - QP Color Blue, Font - Elegant.

Here Fishy, Fishy

The kid's always like to take their fishing poles and pretend fish. They have so much fun.
I used AWP - Vicki - Bright Eyes and Random Musings of a Scrapaholic - Stacey Towers - Flower Child, Alpha - Kiki Halbert Designs - Frosty Limeberry, Font - Tropical Script BTN.

Boys and Trains

Here we are at the train again. The kid's always have so much fun playing. I have stopped taking the camera out when we go because I've done so many already. We usually end up going after we watch "Polar Express" with Tom Hanks.
Kit used is Random Musings of a Scrapaholic - Stacey Towers - SK8 or Die Dude, Font - Smarty Pants BTN.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Adorable Valentine's

These are cute photo's of the kid's. Our son wouldn't go to any photography studio's so I took pictures at home with sheets for about eight months. He did great for Mommy. Sister was just starting to sit up and I had to take a quick photo before she tipped over.
Kit used was Random Musings of a Scrapaholic - S.J. Towers - Hugs and Stuff, Font - Ck Fairytale.

Sweet Dreams

Have wanted to use this kit for a long time. Finally went back to some old photo's and used this one of our daughter. She looks so sweet napping with her bunny. She still sleeps with it but it looks much smaller. Kit used is from the Shabby Pickle - Jofia Devoe - Dream Whispers. Love her shadows.

Girls and Trains

These were the same picture I took of our son. But made a page for them both. She has just as much fun playing on the old train as her brother. They take turns making the train go and stop. the Red handle is the Brake.
Used a QP from Scrap Matters - Friday Flea Market - Ellie Lash, Background - Sugarplum Paperie - Nicole Seitler - Vintage Garden, Flower - Random Musings of a Scrapaholic - S. Towers - Flower Child (Recolored to match QP).

The Green Park

This is one of the Kid's favorite parks. We have our own names for all the parks we go to. Our son started this when he was little and it stuck. They have such a wonderful time playing.
I used Chaos Lounge - Climbing Trees & Rainy Day Blues, Word Art - artgal style - Fonts used were Fontocide, Distress, Viner Hand ITC, Times New Roman & Child's Play.

Little Artist

He loves to paint and draw. This is one of his first watercolors. It turned out very nice and he was very proud of himself. I should be painting more but with the economy the way it is people just aren't buying art. I sure miss the extra income. I am going to being doing one to honor my Dad.
Kit used Hall Pass, P Springmann - QP -Wis Album, Strip - M Underwood - Family Fun.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Enchanted Princess

This is our little Princess. So cute and loved dressing up. Lately has not been dressing up as much. She doesn't like scratchy clothes. I have been wanting to use this kit so bad and finally did with these photos. I'm really tired and it's close to 1am so I'll have to get the link to this tomorrow. Kit used is Newlife Dreams - The Invisible World. Click on link to see Kits.

Tool Man

Our son loves tools and couldn't find his tool belt this morning so he came down with them stuck in his PJ's. It was so funny.
Used M. Underwood - Family Fun, Font - Dirty Ego & Ck Scratchy Box.

Chalk Drawing

This is a fun past time during the cooler weather. We do it during the sunny part of the day and our front walk is sheltered from the wind. The kids do some pretty interesting drawings.
Kit used is Chaos Lounge - Climbing Trees, Alpha - Pink Peacock Design - Back to School, Font - Ck Tomfoolery.

A day at the Park

We almost have more fun at the park in the cooler months than in the summer. In summer the equipment is to hot.
I used AWP - Vicki - Happy Day, Random Musing of a Scrapaholic - Stacey Towers- Wild Child, Font - Fraternity.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sometimes you take a picture that is just perfect. This is so cute of our daughter with one of her favorite pair of princess shoe's. She loves to dress up.
I used a Freebie Quick Page by Flergs - Cherry, Alpha - Kiki Halbert Design -Frosty Limeberry, Font - Treasure Map Deadhand.

One Engineer Two Supervisor's

Grandma bought the kid's this track system and the little car moves small marble around on it. Daddy has a challenge putting it together one night.
Used a Quick Page from Stacey Towers - Random Musing of a Scrapaholic - A Little Sassy.

Snow Storm

I took these photo's the morning after the snow/rain storm. Had fun with this kit from Chaos Lounge - Whimsical Winter. Check out this cute kit on my side bar. Great for Winter or Christmas

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love to Play

Little Sister like to Bounce and Slide same as big brother. She is amazing and tries whatever big brother is doing. I run around as much as they do, just not much climbing.
Kit used was from Scrap Matters - Girls Rock, Font - Treasure Map Deadhand. This kit will be available for purchase at Scrap Matters at the end of the month.

Rainy Day Swim

We love to go swim especially with friends. This day was with my son's school during a rain/snow storm. How exciting and fun. He had a blast playing with his buddies.
Kit used was Chaos Lounge - Digital Candy - Rainy Day Blues & Climbing Trees, Word Art - Artgal Style, Fonts used - Smudgers, Distress, Treasure Map Deadhand.

Pretty in Pink

She got a pretty gingham stroller for Christmas and enjoyed pushing her baby through the house and also putting her stuffed animals in it too! She does "Cheese" really good. You can tell when she says.
This Quick Page is from - Newlife Designs - Shabby Pickle - The Invisible World, Font - Treasure Map Deadhand.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jump Man Jump

This was a Preschool outing last year. The kid's have so much fun at these Bounce places. They get quite a bit of run around time and are worn out when we leave. I couldn't believe it when my daughter only two and a half wanted to go down the big slide all by herself. You know that feeling you get when they are doing something your uncertain they can and your breath catches in your chest and your heart is racing. Well she made it to the top and slide down. Wheeeew...
My son's favorite part was knocking his opponent off their perch with big padded sticks.
Kit used was Brittish Designs - Monstrosity, Font - Ultimatum. Click on link to go to their blog.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Little Tiger

He wants to play with Daddy so bad and it's so cute how he wears his Bob the Builder Tool belt to hold his clubs. One day he will be playing with Daddy and maybe me too. It's been a while but I bet I'll pick it up again. I still rather be mountain biking or scraping. This is a fun kit to work with. I like all the different textures. Changed the frame to fit my photo.

I used Stacey Towers new kit Sk8 or Die Dude kit. Very cute for boys. Go to my side bar to check out her site. She's under Random Musings of a Scrapaholic.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Then and Now

This has been a difficult three months. My Dad passed away on January 28th and my sister and I were there to help with his final days. My nephew did a great job caring for him before our arrival. It has been a roller coaster of happiness, sadness and hope. Hoping that the cancer would be cured, happy that we were getting this chance to take care of things, spend time together and say good by, Sad because life would never be the same with out our Dad; who told the best stories, gave the best advise and was always willing to help. My kiddo's are having a hard time understanding that their Bubba is gone to be with God. So I'll take it one day at a time, one moment at a time and keep scraping to keep my sanity...Thanks for letting me share.

Kit used was Stacey Towers - Plum Pudding, Font - Bird House. Check out her site on link.