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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sound Tech

My husband has such a cool job doing sound for all the bands, singers, comedians, plays, ballets, shows that come to town. He is a awesome sound tech and when needed does lots of computer stuff to. We took a tour a few years ago of the stage. I saw Frank Sinatra's old dressing room and the big airplane they use on stage. The stage is enormous and under it they store all the props with big elevators to lift everything up. My man gets lots of compliments from the groups that come in about how well he mixes their music. He also did some work in the IS department and wired some very nice rakes.
This is one of my favorite kits by Megan at Studio Flergs - 6K74, Font - Fonticide. You can see this kit and her latest "Into the Twilight" if you click on my side bar.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Megan's beautiful kit at Studio Flergs - Into the Twilight
There is a Scrap Lift Challenge at Studio Flergs and I'm going for it. You had to scrap lift one of her CT's layouts and I liked the one that looked like this one. Made a few little changes but WOW what a kit. So go to my side bar and check out this one. It's amazing. I'll be uploading to the challenge tonight. Here is the link to the challenge "Play Day"
Just wanted to say Thanks to S for the new PSE. This is my first layout with the new program and have had so many challenges getting all my files to the new computer (Thanks to my Dad) and loading everything into PSE. I'm learning so many new things but this is an awesome program. What a great Mother's Day and Birthday Gift it is. Hugs and Love coming your way. You are too much!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guest CT on Stacey's Scraps

Stacey's Scraps - "Serenity" kit

This is such a pretty kit and I'm so glad this was my week to be a Guest CT. This was so exciting and you have to go to her blog and check out the layouts the other gal's did. Awesome! You can pick up this kit at her Store. Here is the link
I love this photo of our son sitting in the sink taking his bath. We were staying with family and the bath was occupied so Auntie and I bathed him in the half bath sink. He had a great time. The other layout I used a photo of our daughter checking out the beautiful leaves. She is always picking up things at the park and it happened to be leaves that day.
Had so much fun with this kit and love how it made the photo's even more memorable. I was really nervous about this and spent a little more time but relaxed as my creative juices flowed.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Music to my Heart

Some of the same photo's from our trip. Our son is shy of animals and I was so surprised when he let Gammie's dog sit on his lap. This was a good sign as we took my Dad's dog home with us at the end of the week. He couldn't care for him in his poor health.
What a fun kit by Stacey's Scraps - Rock Star, Black Staple - Stacey's - Purple Passion, Font - Script MT Bold.

Playing Cards

Over the Christmas Break we went to visit my Grandmother and spend a little more time with my Dad. It was a wonderful trip. I needed to make a run to the store and Gammie occupied the children while I was gone. They had fun playing cards. I come from a family of card players.
I used Stacey's Scraps kit Comfort, Font - Script MT Bold.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be a Hero

Just love these photo's of you. You make great faces and love to laugh. It took me a few weeks before you would let me paint your face. You wanted to be a super hero. You were a combination of Buzz Lightyear, Batman and I think Mr. Incredible.
This is a new kit by Sweet Blossom Designs - Scrap That Idea - Be Happy, Font - Mandela.

Ribs and Rides

The kid's didn't even want to try the ribs so we made peanut butter and jelly's for them and they were happy little campers. More rides and fun. There was the fun house, bounce house and of course the TRAIN!
I used AWP (A Work in Progress) Vicki - Citrus Brights, Template #71 by Yin Design (used it as a sketch), Font - Mandela.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rib Cook Off and Fountains

This was our second day going to the cook off. I rode my bike pulling the kid's in the trailer and we headed down to play at the fountains. Daddy met us there later and brought ribs to eat. They were wonderful. What a fun few days.
Kit used was Shabby Pickle - Bisontine - The Celya's World of Love, Font - Nuptial BT.

Rib Cook Off Rides

I love doing these big layouts. This was such a fun couple of days during the Rib Cook Off. The ribs are great but expensive. The kid's favorite part were the rides. We got some tickets and they had the best time. Of course the train was the Favorite Ride.
Used Studio Flergs - Tropicana for this page, Font - Magneto.

The Dead Tree

We had fun watching the Workmen cutting the pine tree down and chop it up in the chipper. But we were sad and would miss the shade and green the tree provided. The kid's made capes out of blankets and were pretending to be super hero's.
This page was made with a kit from Flergs - Trouble Makers, Font - Ultimate.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

She Fishes

My kiddo's love to go fish (pretend fishing) at any park that has water. They always have so much fun casting their lines and reeling them back in.
This kit is by Shabby Pickle - Kasia - Only the Sky is the Limit, Font - Freehand 591 BT.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and that we can enjoy our little ones excitement and that we give thanks in the real message of Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Big Crane

On another Bike ride with Dad this time we were at the Marina and there was a crane lifting large concrete blocks and placing them on the structure. We had fun watching for a few minutes.
This is one of my Favorite kits by Flergs - 6K74, Font is Painty Paint. Check out Megan's kits on my side bar on Studio Flergs.

Tractor Love

On one of our many Bike rides around town we saw this tractor and had to stop. You looked so cute pretending to drive it.
Used kit from Studio Flergs - Scrapbook Graphics - Trouble Makers, Font - Ultimate.

Chop Sticks

When we head to the Mall with Auntie or Mima we eat at the Food Court and have fun trying to use chop sticks. I have some holders now and it is much easier.
Used HeArtist Touch - Irene V. Alexeeva - Sushi Bar, Chinese Calligraphy - Major Tigger Scraps, Font - Chinese Takeaway.

Tea Party

One day I come into your room and you have all your animals arranged on your bed and are having a tea party with them. They were all lined up and you were serving them tea and treats.
This kit is from Studio Ziska - Scrapbook Graphics -Little Buggy & Funky Flowers, Font - Tropical Script BTN. Check out Franziska's blog at link.

Taco Johns

We went here after our trip to the Library. We do this on days Daddy has a late night so he can sleep in. Saturdays are sometimes his double shift days. Anyway the kids were having fun being silly. I'd drive past three Taco Bells to eat here.
I used Flergs new kit - Scrapbook Graphics - Tropicana, Font - Magneto.

Telephone Talk

I'm always surprised by the cute things you two do in the car. Sometimes I wish I had a camcorder mounted so I could catch those moments. I did get this with the camera though. You both were having this whole conversation with each other while on your play phones.
I used Mel Hains kit - Groovy Grunge, Arrow Template - 88 Designs, Font - Fonticide.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Country Club Plaza

It was wonderful to do some site seeing while in Kansas City. I have many fond memories of the Plaza. Mom would take us there to eat at the side walk cafe in the summer or to The House of To. The waiters there taught us how to eat with chop sticks and still would remember me when I would come back once a year for a visit after I moved to California. At Thanksgiving they would turn on the Christmas lights and the traffic was crazy. We saw it one time. Very fun. The architecture is beautiful.
I made this with my own paper and frame.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cookie Makers

Our kid's love to help out in the kitchen and they are old enough to help and learn a little something. Our son loves to crack the eggs into the dough. Of course their favorite part is eating them after there done. Warm cookies and milk, Yummy!
Loved this kit from Kristin Aagard Designs - Lil Bakery, Chocolate Blurb - Trish Richart, Font - Mister Sirloin BTN. See my side bar to go to Kristin's Blog.
Hope everyone had a fun April Fools Day and for those of you that Rabbit Rabbit that you won today. LOL.

Guest CT

I am very excited about being on the Creative Team for Stacey Scrap's the week of April 13th. I have had a hard time not blabbing until now. To celebrate I'm using one of Stacey's kits for my blog design, A Little Sassy. This is my first time as a CT and I can't wait. I have to say there are so many nice people in this digital world. Stay turned...



This was a fun six weeks at the University. I hope they have it this summer but with all the funding cuts their this event may not happen this year. What fun with music and games. You both love the Bounce Houses the best.
Use a Pickle Barrel kit from the Shabby Pickle - Holly Designs - Juicy Fruit, Font - Daniel.

Bubble Gum

We had gone to the Mall and visited the Build a Bear store and they had a display with gumball machines. We didn't get any candy but had fun looking at all the different ones.
Used Shabby Pickle - Kasia Designs - Cheerful You, Candy Machine - Artgal Style, Font - Magneto.