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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stacey's Scraps "K is for Kitty"

I wanted to do a non-kitty page to show the pretty elements and that even if you don't have a kitty this is a beautiful kit.
Our daughter at a Birthday Party where the children picked out an animal to stuff. She had such a fun day. Click on Preview...
This is such a pretty kit and the little kitty's are so cute. Love all the pretty papers. I apologize about being late with my post. Please check out the beautiful layouts on Stacey's Blog.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope that it will be full of laughs, friends and family and that you will make some special memories. Best wishes for this joyous time of year!
I used Scrap That Idea's Collab - Christmas around the World.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Little of This a Little of That

This is a continuation of the other two pages using Armina Designs - Crash Boom Pow kit, Font - CK Comic Book.
This is a combination of kits that I've had for a while and I Love it. Used Urban Fairytales - Wonderland freebie, K Aagards - Sunshine Alpha (recolored), AWP - Where the Heart is for Hearts and Leaves, Tea Cup - Artgal Style, Font - Glider Girls.
We love to go to Bavarian World to buy bread and yummy German Foods. We had just picked up my Mom at the Airport and stopped by to pick up some goodies.
Used Franziska Altman - Studio Ziska - Playtime & Seaside Fall for Staple and Stitches, Font - CK Scratchy Box.
This was a fun Freebie I picked up from Ziggle Designs - Bowl-O-Rama, Font - Glider Girls.
This is such a beautiful kit from Franziska Altman - Studio Ziska - Seaside Fall, Font - Vaguely Repulsive.
This was a fun little freebie from DSA - SYTYCD - Brandy - Booville Holidays, Alpha - FT - Cartoonish (recolored), Font - Blood of Dracula.

Monday, December 21, 2009

AWP Mystical Memories Kit

Click on Preview...
Love the colors and all the cute elements. I was tired of cold colors and Christmas themes. What a breath of fresh air. I'm ready for spring. I know it's only December. You have to see all the inspirational layouts on Vicki's Blog.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Brother My Hero

We had so much fun at my husbands Family Christmas Party at work. The kid's had a blast. And isn't this the cutest super hero kit. I had so much fun making this page.
Kit used was from Armina Design - Crash Boom Pow, Font - CK Comic Book. Go HERE to check it out. Also purchased the Add-on. Going to work on another maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stacey's Scraps "J is for Jam Session"

I went down to my husbands work one day went they were setting up for the New York Ballet. They were busy getting ready and usually on those days works 10 to 16 hour days. He comes home whipped but loves his work. Plus he meets so many really great people.
It was fun to see all the behind the scenes stuff that no one ever sees. I couldn't believe how high up from the stage they have to work sometimes. And they went from having a seven man crew to having three. I don't know how they do it.
I sure miss riding my motorcycle on nice days when I see everyone out. I was so lucky in the eight years that I rode. Didn't ever have an accident. There were many close calls usually people didn't see you. My Dad always told me pretend your invisible and have a exit strategy so you don't get hit. Of course when I rode a bike there weren't very many women riders back then so most people noticed me especially if I wore pink. There is nothing like it. You feel like your flying. My friends and I would ride every other weekend all over San Diego County.
Click on Preview to pick up this great kit. I had so much fun using it and didn't even use all the cute elements. I'll have to make some more layouts.

Some Pre-Christmas Layouts

Couldn't get the kids any closer to Santa than this and I had to kneel behind them to even get them that close. They would take the candy cane and quickly back up. I told the person taking the photos not to worry that this was good.
Kit used was WaterLo Project - Snow Flake in the World & Under the Xmas Tree, Bird - Granny Art, Alpha - Damayani Studio - Letter to Santa, Font - Thinking of you.
We went to the Casino to have lunch and took some cute photos around the beautiful Christmas displays. The kid's did a good job and we rode the train at Circus Circus.
Kit used was Studio mgl - Whimsical Wonderland, Amanda Kay - Kadoozie, Chaos Lounge - Whimsical Winter, Font - Susies Hand.
I made this layout of Mom and her grand kids so see could email it to all her German friends for Christmas. We promised a new (small) toy if they did a good job. As you can see someone was not going to smile for any reason not even a new toy.
Kit used was Snow Princess created by Jill, Snow Flakes - Courney Wilson, Word Art - Janosch Designs, Title - Faba - Weihnachts Wordarts - Teil 1, Tree - STI - Mel Hains - Christmas Around the World Collab, Greenery & Flower - Chaos Lounge - Whimsical Winter.
Mom made cookies one night for the family. Yummy! I used K Aagard - Lil Baker, Font - Courier.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

AWP "Live, Laugh, Love" kit

The dress that my daughter is wearing in this photo my Mom saved from long ago. It was one that I wore often and it was from my Oma. I was quite happy that she wanted to wear it even if only for a short time.
Click on Preview

I just adore this new kit from Vicki at A Work in Progress. You have to click on the preview and head over to her blog and check out all the beautiful layouts by the Scrap That Idea CT's. Wow! I will use this kit again and again. Only did one layout because I was working on final projects for school and studying for my math final.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

STI Back Up and Running

I'm doing good in all my classes and passed first half of my math final with flying colors. I have two more projects due tomorrow and on Wednesday and then I Thursday is my last final. Then a break.

Scrap That Idea store is back up and the gals are offering a cute little Freebie kit so check it out it's called "Get Fresh" Preview and my layout are at bottom of my post.

Here are my layouts for the amazing Christmas Collab with the Designers at STI. Really fun kit for no matter where you live.

Click Preview to go the the Store and pick this great
kit up. You can't believe all the fantastic elements
and papers.
Here are my layouts for Stacey's Scraps new kit called "I is for I Love You". I love this one. Great colors and really beautiful papers

Click preview to check out this kit and all the inspiration.
And here is the layout I did with this cute Freebie kit that the girls put together. They felt bad that the store was down for so long and decided to give everyone a little something for all their wonderful customers.
I used AWP - Alpha - Beach Towel and circle stitches, AWP -Leaf - Live, Laugh and Love, Font - Susie's Hand. Click on Preview to pick up this cute kit. This kit coordinates with the collab Fresh Ideas. All the collabs are half price at STI.
I can't wait until the end of the week...It's snowing a little and we are expecting more tomorrow. I hope they don't cancel school. More soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stacey's Scraps "Giving Thanks"

Click Preview to go to Stacey's
This is a fun little Freebie at Stacey's Scraps so head over and pick it up. Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday. I feel so grateful for all that I have and that I can spend it with people who
are so special.

The Faraway Tree

Click Preview to go to Mels...
Click Preview to go to AWP...
This is the latest Collab by Vicki @ AWP and Mel @ Mels Lightblub Moments. This is such a cute Freebie they are giving away. So hurry over to their blogs and pick up this fun story time kit Called "The Faraway Tree".

Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Nurnberg

Such a Beautiful kit from Flergs - Chocolate Berry. Makes you hungry for a piece of chocolate when you see all the elements. WOW, my parents look so young. It's fun to look though all the old photo's and remember the stories that were told about them.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

AWP "Vintage Chic"

Click Preview to check out this kit...
This is such a lovely kit and great for your vintage photos. You have to see all the beautiful layouts by the other team members. There is so much you can do with this beautiful kit.

AWP "Spring Fling"

You have to pick up this cute Freebie from AWP Just click on Preview. Love these colors and all the charming elements.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


My Aunt took this photo of me when she was going to college and I have always loved it. Yes I used to suck my fingers once upon a time. Hee, Hee! I remember going to Germany one summer and in bed one night I realized that I hadn't sucked my fingers in a while so I gave it and try and they tasted awful and they weren't all soft. That was the end of that. I used to sit behind this fuzzy pillow on our sofa while watching Adam 12 with my Dad. Does anyone remember that Police Show?
Kit used was Color Coded by Studio mgl, Alpha is unknown but such a cute one.

Play Games

Our little guy is starting to love video games. I put it off as long as I could but am glad he is usually happy to play for only 15 minuts to half an hour. Both the kids love to go to Chuck E. Cheese.
Picked this up in a grab bag. It's fom Studio mgl - Game On.