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Monday, May 31, 2010

New Forum at Scrap That Idea - World CUP

I wanted to tell you about our brand new exciting promo. As some of you will know, the Soccer World Cup kicks off on 11th June in South Africa. There are 32 countries taking part including each of the home countries of our four designers - South Africa, England, USA and Australia. We thought it would be great fun to run a promo in line with the tournament and get everyone involved with a chance to win gift certificates, discounts to the STORE and a participation freebie!

How do you take part? Well, STI has opened up a section of the CT forum to everyone so that they can all keep track of what's happening with the promo and chat with you all about any questions you have for the designers in the store or the creative teams. This forum will be active for the duration of the promo (until July 11th) and if it's popular and well used, we may consider extending that! You need to go to the forum HERE and register for access and once accepted, go HERE to register for the promo itself BEFORE the end of the day on 9th June (two days before the tournament begins). You will need to wait for activation of your account before you can register for the promo - this is being done manually to make sure we don't get spammers, so please bear with us if you have to wait a few hours :)

All the details of the promo are included in the forum - it explains the prizes, it will be where you get your freebie mini kit designed by me for participation and where you can ask quesions of the designers and creative team members!

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the forum and get registered - we look forward to welcoming you and chatting with you some more! Oh, and this is what the participation freebie looks like, just to whet your appetite!! :)"

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New at Scrap That Idea

Click Preview to go to Sara's...
These are some great new templates from Sara. Just love them. Great when your in a hurry and want to have a beautiful layout fast.

Click Preview to go to Stacey's...
What a cute little boy kit this is. Love all the cute doodles. This is an great bundle Stacey has new this weekend so head over and check it out along with all the fantastic CT layouts.
Also Vicki at A Work in Progress is giving a pretty kit away this week. So go HERE to pick it up.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just loving this Kit from Britt-ish Designs - Jackpot, Also used the dollars and cards from Karah Fredricks - Thats How We Roll, Font - Segoe Script. My Grandma took this photo of me working while she was visiting. You can pick this kit up HERE.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Stacey's Scraps Freebie

I can't (wait I can) believe it snowed the end of May here. We always have a cold spell just before the end of May. But it was still straige to have it be snowing while we were at the indoor swimming pool. The kid's thought it was great and boy did they sleep good that night. LOL
Head over to Stacey's and pick up this really cute Freebie kit on here blog HERE. Very cool colors and love the bubbles. Hope you had a great weekend.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New at Scrap That Idea

Click Preview to go to Vicki's...
I just love the colors of Vicki's newest kit "Cherish". You should see all the great layouts the team did. They Rock! Head over to Vicki's and check out this cute kit.

Click Preview to go to Vicki's...
This is such a cute little Freebie at AWP so stop by and pick it up today. What a talented lady she is! Had fun making my layouts for this kit. LOVE CHOCOLATE!
Click HERE to go to Stacey's to check out all the great layouts by the team. Very fun kit. This is a fantastic bundle for only $5 you can't beat that. Stacey's is amazing.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Layouts

This is a new kit I picked up over NSD at Brit-tish Designs - Scrap Matters - Jack Pot. Wish it had a Reno sign but I'll make one. Fun kit! We sure had a fun day while the kid's were in school. I went to the gym in the am got home and we went for a mountain bike ride together and the cleaned up and went to lunch and I people watched and talked while my hubby played a few quarters. No winning that day.

This is another one from Brit-tish Designs but picked it up at Digiscrap Addicts - Time for a Hair Cut. This is so fun. I have another page done but haven't found the picture for it yet. So cute everyone getting ready in the bathroom together.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Kits at Scrap That Idea and Frebies

Click Preview to go to Sara's...
This is such a beautiful spring and summer kit. You should see all the extra goodies in this one. Amazing kit. You have to pick this one up. Go to Sara's blog and see all the inspiration.

Click on Preview to go to Vicki's...
This is Vicki's latest kit and I just love the colors. Oh so great for you boy layouts but you know me and that won't stop me from using it for girly layouts as well. You should see all the amazing layout by our creative team.

Click Preview to go to Vicki's...
This is a new Freebie from A Work in Progress so click the preview and pick up this cute mini kit on Vicki's blog. Very cute by the way!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New at Scrap That Idea

You know it's the end of the semester when I don't know that X comes before Y. Last exam tomorrow. Then I'm going to sleep all day Friday. Ha! You know I won't. I have Spring Cleaning to get to and I still have two photo albums of old pictures to scan and then make CD's for everyone in the family. I'm tired just thinking about it. Anyway SORRY Stacey. Made a Goof! So here is the kit for last Sat. Really love this great boy kit and of course it's great for girls too.

Click Preview to go to Stacey's...
Check out my new Blinkie. I made it tonight with a great animation program that I found for free. Don't we just love free stuff. You can check out the great TUT on Bobbies Blog HERE. I was pretty fast I just saved my file as a PSD and turned the eye ball off on the layers I didn't want to show and then saved it as...jpeg. I'll have to try again when I'm not so tired and make it better. But excited that it turned out cute. Woo Hoo!

Click Preview to go to Stacey's...
Here is Stacey's latest kit. Sorry I'm a little behind on this one. But got two pages done for her and you should see the other CT's layouts. Go check them out on Stacey's blog. Way Cool!
Click Preview to go to Stacey's...
Just love these colors and you should see the creative team layouts, WOW! Just love Melissa's. Anyway head over to Stacey's to check it out and then pick it up at STI. She also has X is for X-Specially for Boys but I'm a bit behind with a layout. Try to get one later today. Picked up some great stuff over NSD so lots to work with.
Have a final in Print Media tomorrow that I have to study for as well. Also one in my Business class on Thursday. This is the last week of school. Have all my projects done and two tests. Then I'll be a scraping and reading machine for the summer. Seen a few great movies and picked up some new music the last few months. Maybe more later today or tomorrow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New at STI

Sorry my preview for the kit is not that great. Head over to Scrap That Idea to get a good look at it. The CT's did some amazing layouts. Go HERE You can see layouts at Stacey's Blog HERE, at Vicki's HERE and at Sara's HERE.

The animation I did was a challenge but it turned out so great. We had to find a toy; one we made or one we bought and then do a story board for our animation. Then I went into Adobe Illustrator and drew my panda with the pen tool. It turned out better than I thought. I made about 15 different versions. Then we brought all our elements into Adobe Flash and animated them with sound clips and music. Next we moved on to story boards for our commercial about selling our toy. It was fun to be creative but we had to film it in the class room or hall way. Our group had five and we had two 2 hour days to film our entire shot. I realize that I'm a awful actress and that its a good thing I don't do that for a living. Ha! Anyway every ones commercials turned out so great and some were hilarious. Now we are building a web site to hold the entire project for our final grade.
This is Stacey's Scraps new kit and I just love the colors. You have to see all the great layouts that everyone did. Click on Preview to go to Stacey's...

This is Vicki's latest kit. Wow did the CT's do some great layouts that you just have to check out.
The papers are so cute and the elements are really pretty. Head over to Vicki's by Clicking the preview...
Hope everyone has been having a great National Scrapbook Day Weekend. I spent way to much but what a great time to pick up some things you've been wanting.