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Sunday, May 2, 2010

New at STI

Sorry my preview for the kit is not that great. Head over to Scrap That Idea to get a good look at it. The CT's did some amazing layouts. Go HERE You can see layouts at Stacey's Blog HERE, at Vicki's HERE and at Sara's HERE.

The animation I did was a challenge but it turned out so great. We had to find a toy; one we made or one we bought and then do a story board for our animation. Then I went into Adobe Illustrator and drew my panda with the pen tool. It turned out better than I thought. I made about 15 different versions. Then we brought all our elements into Adobe Flash and animated them with sound clips and music. Next we moved on to story boards for our commercial about selling our toy. It was fun to be creative but we had to film it in the class room or hall way. Our group had five and we had two 2 hour days to film our entire shot. I realize that I'm a awful actress and that its a good thing I don't do that for a living. Ha! Anyway every ones commercials turned out so great and some were hilarious. Now we are building a web site to hold the entire project for our final grade.
This is Stacey's Scraps new kit and I just love the colors. You have to see all the great layouts that everyone did. Click on Preview to go to Stacey's...

This is Vicki's latest kit. Wow did the CT's do some great layouts that you just have to check out.
The papers are so cute and the elements are really pretty. Head over to Vicki's by Clicking the preview...
Hope everyone has been having a great National Scrapbook Day Weekend. I spent way to much but what a great time to pick up some things you've been wanting.

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