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Monday, May 31, 2010

New Forum at Scrap That Idea - World CUP

I wanted to tell you about our brand new exciting promo. As some of you will know, the Soccer World Cup kicks off on 11th June in South Africa. There are 32 countries taking part including each of the home countries of our four designers - South Africa, England, USA and Australia. We thought it would be great fun to run a promo in line with the tournament and get everyone involved with a chance to win gift certificates, discounts to the STORE and a participation freebie!

How do you take part? Well, STI has opened up a section of the CT forum to everyone so that they can all keep track of what's happening with the promo and chat with you all about any questions you have for the designers in the store or the creative teams. This forum will be active for the duration of the promo (until July 11th) and if it's popular and well used, we may consider extending that! You need to go to the forum HERE and register for access and once accepted, go HERE to register for the promo itself BEFORE the end of the day on 9th June (two days before the tournament begins). You will need to wait for activation of your account before you can register for the promo - this is being done manually to make sure we don't get spammers, so please bear with us if you have to wait a few hours :)

All the details of the promo are included in the forum - it explains the prizes, it will be where you get your freebie mini kit designed by me for participation and where you can ask quesions of the designers and creative team members!

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the forum and get registered - we look forward to welcoming you and chatting with you some more! Oh, and this is what the participation freebie looks like, just to whet your appetite!! :)"

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