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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The First Fishing Pole

This is Stacey's Scraps newest kit, "Not Too Shabby". I was on vacation and missed this beautiful kit and she is such a sweetie and now I have made the very cute page of my little boy play fishing on our vacation to California in '07. He loved his Scooby Doo fishing pole and fished everywhere; parking lots, fields, backyards and anywhere else he could practice his casting. We did have to draw the line on occasion even though it's a little plastic fish on the end. Go Here to see all the other CT's layouts and Here to buy this beautiful and versatile kit.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catch and Release - 1 2 3 Now

The men doing their fishing on Free Fishing Day at the Sparks Marina. Our son loves to fish.
Tried to get some cute photo's of the kid's and I and no one would sit still but these are actually better anyway and more fun.
This is Vicki's newest kit and I love it. I love it for boy and girl photo's and of course anything with purple in it Rocks! Go here to see all the other layouts by Vicki's talented group of gal's and pick up this beautiful kit.

Not too Shabby Kit

Here is Stacey's latest kit, isn't it cute. Love the Shabby Chic look of it. I was out of town and wasn't able to download this to do a page but you have to see that other gal's layouts. They are so talented. She also has a freebie to go with it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm a new CT for Vicki at A Work in Progress

I was asked to be on her creative team and I can't tell you how excited I am. To be on two great teams is just such an exciting opportunity and learning experience. Love working with Stacey and look forward to working with Vicki too! So you will be seeing both of these great designers latest kits and what not being announced on my blog. Stay tuned...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fire Truck

Isn't this such a cute kit, especially for those trips to the Fire Station and those great photo's of our kiddo's in their Fire Costumes. You can pick up this great kit for free on Stacey's blog. Here

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fathers Day Kit

This was our nature walk at Rancho San Rafael Park in May. Loved this photo on this layout.

Mom said she loved this photo of the three of us. We loved to watch TV with Dad.

Dad was always ready to help anyone who needed it especially with Car repairs. He was a genius mechanic. He made sure us girls never got taken advantage of at the auto repair shop.

Just love this wonderful kit for Fathers Day. Used a little of everything on my pages. I'm a little late posting this because we were out of town and just returned this evening. Go to Stacey's Blog and check out all the latest kits and layouts by all her CT's.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ruby Slippers - Believe (1st Anniversary)

It will be one year on June 24th 2008 since I started doing digital scrap booking. I thought I would share my first two pages I made. I was hooked right from the start. As you can see I didn't know about shadows, erasing parts of element or how to do layers. I would delete a section until I got it in the right order. I've come a long way baby. LOL! I've learned so much about the computer and Internet but am learning something new everyday.
One of the girls, Kristie, in my on-line traditional scrap club sent out a link to a blog train and I jumped on board.
This was a blog train through DSO - Digi Scrap Addicts - Scrap Journal, A compilation of all the designers involved.
We all start somewhere. Laramie

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Field Trip to the Farm and Hoot

Our outing with the Play Group to a Farm in Fallon, Nevada for some veggie & berry picking. We also saw some farm animals and went through the corn maze.
Our sleeping son. No matter how old they get they are still sweet when they sleep.

I forgot to post this cute kit last week. Stacey forgot to post our layouts. Hee! Hee! So I don't feel to bad but she had a much better excuse besides old age. LOL. This is so cute and love the Stepping Stone, Trellis and Bird Bath. You can check it out on her blog with all the CT's Layouts or go to the Scrap That Idea Store and pick it up.

Spaghetti and Piggy's

This is Stacey's Scraps latest Freebie kit. You can find it Here. Had a little bit of fun with the middle layout. Just did a little story book page. You have to see the beautiful layout Keyr did. So head over to Stacey's to check her fun new kit.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tweet Heart

Our son loves golf and can't wait to play with Daddy some day. It can be mini golf, Crockett or a baseball bat and golf ball. LOL, anything will do!

We were at a school function and all the kids sang the school song. It was little sisters Birthday.

Everyone wants to help Mommy with the cleaning and vacuuming. I better enjoy it now from what I here it's like pulling teeth later on. Hee! Hee!

Isn't Stacey's Scraps new kit just Adorable. This was so fun and had great colors. Loved all the little birds and flowers. You just have to check out Stacey's blog.
Also head over to the new Scrap That Idea Blog Here to see the previews for kits and freebies, tips and technique's, recipe challenges and more.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Elizabeth and Herman, Four Generations

This is my Grandmother and her brother and don't they look cute.
These are my Great Grandparents holding me and my cousin behind them are my Grandmother and her Brother and his Son and my Dad next to his Mother.

Just love Stacey's new Kit Those Were the Days. You have to check this one out it is one of the best I've seen out there in digiland. Love all the old books and things. So nice for your old photo's and Genealogy.

Movie Night

We had a great date and my nephew stayed with the kids. As we left we said to each other that you know a toy bomb is going to go off as soon as we leave. Upon our return sure enough toys, toys everywhere. LOL. It was worth it. We had a nice time and then this evening another thunder storm. I'm loving the rain. It happens so rarely here.
Used TMS - Movie Night Chick Flicks, AWP - Simplicity (Hearts), Pompey Blues (Branch & Stitches), Cafe Delmar (Drink), Flutterby Flowers (Ribbon), Font - Courier.

Nap Time and Sweet Dreams

The only way to get you down for a nap is to nurse you but you fight those naps so much. You look so sweet with your bunny and so in need of some rest.
You will always be my baby boy and look so sweet sleeping even at five years old.
This is a freebie on Stacey's Scraps this week so go pick it up. Just love all the stars. She also has more kits out and I'll post later. My husband and I have a date this afternoon for the first time since last August. Too Long...I'll do a page about it so I better hurry up and finish getting ready.


Here is Sara's new kit and what a fun one for summer and fall. Head over to her blog and check out all the CT's layouts so cute. The papers are so cute and what can I say but the apples are so stinking cute. Here is my layout.
We do lots of picnic's at the park and took our new doggy Solie "Solomon" with us. He tried to get into the kid's food if they held it down low. Ha! It was finally getting warm and we were itching to get out side. Spring of 09.
Click Here to go to Sara's blog and check out her latest kits. She has some really great one's out right now.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mini Golf in the Dark

This was the end of a very long day but a fun one. Both the kid's were old enough that they weren't napping any more and we stayed all day. We ended with another game of mini golf and they were so tired they could hardly finish. I was surprised when they wanted to play again after the sprint cars and thought for sure they would fall asleep on the way home. But they had to much fun talking about all the fun they had had that day.
Used this wonderful kit before from Studio Ziska - Scrapbook Graphics - Ocean Cloud, Font - Gigi.

You Play

We go to the fountains all the time in the summer because they are free. You two have so much fun and our daughter made great faces on this outing.
Did a challenge over at My Scrapbook Art so head over to check out my Scrap lift Challenge. You can see my inspiration for this page. Here
Kit used is a Collab from Scrap That Idea called Beach Hut, Fonts - Liorah BT and Footlight MT Light.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All You Need is Love

It was so cold but you wanted to try to fly your kite. You would just get it up and the wind would whip or slow and the kite would come crashing down. You were having so much fun but Mommy finally had to say it's to cold and we walked back home. Had fun playing with the frames in PSE and got some neat effects on this picture.
This is another freebie from DigiScrap Addicts - Seni Desings - SYTYCD - All You Need is Love

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Play Group

Just did this page in an hour. Whoo Hoo! Getting a little faster. This was at our play group a couple of years ago and a few hair style ago. Hee! Hee! What can I say I'm a chameleon.
Another freebie kit from DigiScrap Addicts - Francisca Altman - SYTYCD - Lonely, Font - Liorah BT. They really have some amazing kits for this contest. Just go to the forum and log in.

Our Hike

This was such a beautiful day in March. The foliage hadn't started to bloom yet but beautiful none the less. We had a wonderful hike and were tired when we arrived back at the car. Lovely park with great trails.
I used a new kit from AWP - Vicki - Natural Beauty, Font - Puppy Like.


Isn't this a beautiful kit. This is a photo of my Grandmother and she looks so sweet here. This was another freebie from DigiScrap Addicts - Stephanie Ogren - SYTYCD - The Greatest is Love.

Save the Planet

Helping Mommy with the recycling. What a good little helper you are. This is a new Freebie I picked up from DigiScrap Addicts - Lyndsay Rich - SYTYCD - Earth Day, Font - Outwrite.

He Said, She Said

You two had fun making faces after dinner. I helped a little and we all had some great laughs. Mima was here visiting for Thanksgiving.
I used Stacey's Scraps - 2 Little Bots.

Hat Girl

You were so silly with your winter stocking hat on. You thought it was great fun. August of 2007.
Kit used was a freebie from DigiScrap Addicts - Amy Sumrall - SYTYCD - Wub*ulous, Alpha - AWP - Oodles of Doodles, Font - Jokerman.

Worth the Wait and Twinkle, Twinkle

We were so young when we first dated. It was a beautiful fall day and we drove up to Lake Tahoe and to Emerald Bay. What a peaceful place even with all the tourists.
Took these photo's of our daughter in November. She was asleep at the start of the photo session and woke up toward the end but got some very cute one of the two kids.

This is Stacey's latest Kit. Loved the silhouettes and clocks. This was fun. Had a challenge finding a photo of my man and I together. One of us is usually behind the camera. So Head over to Stacey's Scraps and pick up her latest Freebie. Also Scrap That Idea has a new Blog you can get tips, kits and contest information so click on link to check it out. Click HERE.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Beach Hut Collab Kit

This is Scrap That Idea's new Collab kit called "Beach Hut". All four designers put this together and it is incredible. I did a layout with each designers part and this layout is one I did with the Full Kit.

AWP - Vicki's Part

Stacey's Scraps Part
Sweet Blossom Designs Part
Mel's Lightblub Moments Part
Here is the Full Preview of this amazing kit. So check it out at the Scrap That Idea Store. You can also see all the other CT layouts on each of the designers blogs. Check out the talented pages everyone has done.
This was such a beautiful day at Pyramid Lake and we all had so much fun and thank goodness it wasn't to hot. We built sand castles, swam and ran on the beach. You have to see all the other layouts for this amazing kit. So head over to each of these talents ladies blogs and check it out. This kit is Sooooo....worth it.