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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daddy's Favorite Park

In the summer we try to find parks that are shaded and with lots of fun things to do. This is my husbands favorite park.
Used Ziggle Designs - Sprocket Kit, Alpha - Brit-tish Designs - Space Ranger, Font Fabulous 50's. Click on link to see kit at Scrap Orchard.

Adventure Park

It was so hot the day we met our Moms group at the Adventure Park. Our daughter loved the animals and our son just held his nose. They are so different. They had so many fun activities and our little girl wanted to go on the log ride, three times. I couldn't find the photo someone took of us coming down the hill. Nobody wanted to ride the horses. What a fun day and we had.
I have used these two kits many times already from Chaos Lounge - Rainy Day Blues & Climbing Trees, Font - Fonticide & Lucida Handwriting. Click on my Favorite Designer under Chaos Lounge.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Headed Home

You two actually hugged Mima goodbye along with some running around and generally having a good time on the open carpet. You love it when Mima brings you the extra peanuts she gets on the plane.
Used Katie Mann Design - QP Bracket Album - Michael, Background Paper - AWP - About a Boy.

It's Your Birthday

What a wonderful evening. We had a great dinner and then some yummy chocolate cake and ice cream. The kid's favorite part...HA!
I used a Sugar Plum Paperie & Trixie Scraps Design - Party Hat Brag, Background Paper - DSO - Scrap Journal Blog Train Freebie, Birthday Frame with cupcake - ALW Barb B-Day (another one that didn't have a TOU) SORRY, Present - Angies Asylum (recolored), Font - Monotype Corsiva.

We Love the Pool

We had a blast at the pool last summer and the kid's did great. They were both worn out when we went home. This was a fun outdoor pool.
Kit used was Kristin Aagard Design - Bath Time, Staple - Stacey's Scraps - Purple Passion, Font - Metalic Avacodo and Modern No.20. Click on link to check out her kits.

Best Friends

You missed your friend so much when he quit going to the preschool and were so very happy when he came back. You both play nice together and its so cute how you talk to each other and play together.
Quick Page is from Kylie M. Designs - Life Story Scrapping QP, Magnifying Glass & Tie - Melanie Ann Designs - Inquisitive, Font - Dymo and DeVinne BT.

Painting Eggs

This photo is from a couple of years ago but I thought it cute. This was a fun kit for Easter and I loved the basket. Our little guy wanted so bad to dunk the eggs but just couldn't quite manage it himself.
Kit used was from NBK - Easter Blessings, Font - English 111 Presto BT. Click on link to pick up kit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Books, Bridges and Library Cards

This is such a fun library with it's little outdoor reading area with fountain, bridge, tree seat and vines. We have fun out there during every season. It's my favorite of all the library's and I think these two little peoples as well. They both have there favorite books and we check those out over and over again.
I used Sweet Blossom Designs new kit - School Days, Library Tags, Due Back Tag, Open Sign - Artgal Style, Font - Malihini Cuban BTN. You can check out this kit on link.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Daddy's Day Off

We spend so much time at the fountains in the summer. It's free and when you have little ones and a budget anything free is good. Hee! Hee! My husband came with us this day and we relaxed while the kids rode their tricycles, petted a couple of dogs ran around and screamed when ever the water would start up again.
This is a nice QP from Scraps n Pieces - Little One (using Digi Designs by Nicole's kit), Font - LA Headlights BTN. You can pick it up on her blog.

The Big One

My husband loves to fish and doesn't get to go very often. He has an annual camping and fishing trip with his buddy but it could be longer. This is one big fish. My husband looks so hansom with his goatee.
This is a Collab between AWP & Mel Haines - Lucky Fish, Font - Hank BT. You can go to my side bar to A Work in Progress and here is the link to Mel's blog.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Miss Bunny

I had saved these photo's for when I picked up a cute spring or Easter kit. You looked so adorable with your bunny ears on. You played with your toys for quite some time before removing them.
This is a freebie Collab by Stacey Scraps & Snows Moons Design - Spring Breeze, Font - Galeforce BTN. This kit will be available I believe until Sunday for free so go check out what these gals have on the links. Stacey's at & Dawns at

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Barbies

I don't know who had more fun you or Mima. You love to dress and undress the Barbies.
This is a great kit that I have used before from Studio Flerges - Sweet Pea.

Clothes for the Bears

I did a layout last year with some of the photos from this same day called Beary Lovely. Just going through the rest of 2008 and making sure I have every thing done. The kid's had fun with their Grandma jumping up from behind the arm of the chair at the bears.
I used a QP from This That n Whatever - Lifes Like a Box of Chocolate (I modified it to fit with two different layouts that I put together for a two pager.) Bear Word Art - Artgalstyle, Font - Crazy Girls Blond BTN LT. Click on link to pick up Melissa's freebie.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Hot Day at the Fountains

We spend so much time here in the summer when it is hot. I ride my bike from the house and pull the kid's in the trailer. I get some exercise and we have fun getting wet on the way home.
I couldn't resist showing you this cute kit from - Studio Ziska - Scrapbook Graphics, Leaf - Digi Delights - K. Aagard, Font - Daniel. Click on link to check out Franziska's blog.

Graduation and Bar-B-Q

My nephew graduated from high school last June and I wanted to use as many of the photo's as I could on one layout. So I did a two pager with lots of space for pictures. He looks very happy and excited to be done with school. When I see all these photo's of my Dad I really miss him.
I used a Collab by AWP & Sweet Blossom Designs - Let It Rock, White Frames - Pineapple Plantation, Font - Magneto.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Sand Box

You played nice together and of course had the best time getting all dirty. It was so thick on you both that I rinsed you off with the hose. A little cold water wasn't much fun but the dirt certainly was.
I have to laugh at myself, today I found out that my program does drop shadows I was in the wrong part of the Effects Menu this whole time. I happened on it by accident and WOW it's awesome. I don't think it will go completely around but what a time saver. YEAH...
QP - Scraps n Pieces - All Boy, Font - Facelift. Click on link to go to blog.

Stuffed Snake

You and Mima played with the stuffed snake and you would pull on it's tongue and grab at it. Mima would get you with it and you would laugh even brother wanted in on it. Then you got Mommy to play to.
Used AWP - Vicki - Bright Eyes kit, Film Strip & Splat - AWP - Wild Child.

Family Memories Rancho San Rafael Park

It was a hot day and this Park has lots of wonderful shade trees and paths to walk on. We had a great time and the gardens were enjoyable.
I would like to acknowledge the person who made this QP but sometimes designers don't put a TOU or Preview in there zip files and unfortunately I don't open them right away sometimes and I only have the info on the file itself so SORRY! QP - RR - chr - Boho, Flower - AWP - Summer Garden, Frame - Pineapple Plantation, Font - Cheddar Salad BTN.

Treasured Memories

We had fun checking out all the goodies at the local scrapbook store. The kid's played with toys and Peekaboo the little dog of one of the workers. Our little girl was all pooped out and fell asleep in the car on the way home. Everyone had fun!
Kit used was Bon Scrapatit - Chance of Rain, Stitches - HeArtistic Touch - Irene Alexeeva - Cozy Grunge, Font - Cheddar Salad BTN.

Our Little Space Ranger

Both our children love "Toy Story" and play with Woody and Buzz quite often. This is a wonderful show and I can't tell you how many times I have watched it...Our daughter loves the little horse "Bullseye" the best.
Kit used is by Brittish Designs - Space Ranger, Font is Walt Disney Script.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family Sale and Dinner

It was cold and wet but we had a good garage sale anyway. The kid's had fun with their umbrella's and we cleaned out a few thing and got a few new items as well. Everyone came over the next day for dinner and it was a nice evening.
This was a two page Quick Page from Scraps 'n Pieces - Polka Dot Bikini (modified), Elements from Collab - AWP & Digi Designs by Nicole - Sweet Flora, Staple - Melanie Ann Designs - Inquisitive, Clip & Tag - AWP - Happy Days, Font - Footlight MT light. Click on link to see QP from Scraps 'n Pieces.

Family Dinner

We always have wonderful get togethers with our family's. We sure do miss them since they moved away. It was so nice to see them in February for a visit.
I used a Collab between Stacey's Scraps by Stacey & Digi Designs by Nicole - Lifes Like a Box of Chocolate, Font - Freehand 591BT. You can go to Staceys Blog by clicking on the link on my side bar and click on link below for Nicole's Blog.

Here Comes the Train

Both you two want me to drive over the tracks but especially if you see a train. You love seeing the lights flash and the signal clang and when the powerful engine goes by there are screams of excitement and wonder. We hit it just right this time and I was able to get a good shot of the train coming down the tracks.
I used to Brag Pages from - Haynay - Train Brag Freebie, Background Paper - Carjazi Scraps Designs - Adrift, Alpha - Stacey Towers - Stacey's Scraps - Lil Dude (Recolored).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Squirrel Park

Our son loves to go down the slide with the big bump in it. Then he get's off and makes a production about his sore back side. And of course we play Shark and Mommy is it.
I used Chaos Lounges kits - Climbing Trees and Rainy Day Blues, Squirrel - Artgal Style, Font - Malihini Cuban BTN.


Another Park that we have renamed; The Pink Park. They have a lake with ducks and geese and a nice playground with lots of swings. Couldn't wait to use this kit even though I didn't have everything yet. Great Colors and Contrast.
Kit is a Collab by Staceys Scraps and Digi Design by Nicole have to get back to you on the Font. Forgot to write it down. I'll up date this when I get the Title on.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The New Do

This was the first time we tried out this hair do on you. It was very cute and you didn't get all tangled. You wanted me to do it this way every day for a while. This was a beautiful QP that I changed just a little to fit with my photo's better.
Used Newlife Dreams - The Invisible World, Font Edwardian Script ITC.


This is always fun on Yucky weather days. We'll move the furniture in our condo and put up the tunnels and hook everything together and you guys play and crawl and have a blast. Then if I get out the camera you both try to hide from me and that's even more fun with lots of screams and laughs.

This was a fun Collab kit from -Stacey Towers & Mel Haines - Summer Come Early, Also used two papers from Stacey's - Wild Flower Kit - Font - Gigi. Check this out at their new store at Scrap That Idea.

Dude You Rock

What a fun day we had at the Green Park2 (our name for the Park). You played a little golf and tried out this rock wall. You could go up but had a little trouble getting down and needed a tad of assistance. You climb this each time we go here and very soon you'll do it without help.
Quick Page by Glam Fairy Designs - High School QP, Font - Eras Light ITC. Click on link to check out work. Couldn't find her blog but here is a link to her shop. This QP would probably be on her blog but at least you can check out her kits. Click on link.

Fairy Tale Wood

Another pretty picture of our daughter in her Tinker Bell costume. I have always wanted to try this where you put you photo in a frame and then have part of the photo come out of the frame. Very fun. I love the butterfly in her lap. What a beautiful kit.
Kit used was Newlife Dreams - CRD - The Invisible World, Font - Girls are Weird. Click on link to check out this kit.

Christmas Quiet

This was such a sweet photo of the kid's being quiet and sitting nice together. Dad wasn't feeling well and we asked the kid's to play quietly so he could rest.
I used Studio mgl - Scrapbook Graphics - Whimsical Wonderland, Font - Girls are weird. Click on Gallery's to find her kit or go to her blog at mgl Scraps on side bar. Love this alpha.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie

We had Open Mic Nite at a friends house last October. She sings in the Opera and has her friends and other come over. It's always so much fun with lots of different music and even the kids get involved. Our son wanted so badly to play the drums. So someone was just playing some music and he played. I was surprised by how good his rhythm was. He was awesome. He takes after Daddy. He had fun playing with all the kid's there. Always a fun evening.
I took my Title from the Book I just finished reading. On loan from my sister; she's using it in her class room. She is great about getting kid's excited about reading. Anyway it was a great story about the challenges two brothers face. I will tell you no more; you'll have to read it for your self.
Kit used was Shabby Pickle - Bisontine - Super Star, Black Frame & Staple - Brittish Designs - Monstrosity, Blue Frame - Tangie Baxter - A Walk in the Park, Alpha - Kristin Aagard - Sunshine (Recolored), Font - Malihini Cuban BTN.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Play Mates

What a fun time the kid's had riding and playing in front of our home. They were having fun saying Boo to each other and then one would run up our walk and then back, and start all over. The games they make up are so cute.
This is a beautiful kit to work with. It was quiet time consuming with the 80 layers I used. But I love this layout. It was fun to try out my Oil Brush over my photo's to tie in the color of the Frame which I changed. The kit is Fresh Idea Collab - Scrap That Idea, Font - CK Daydream. You can pick up this kit at Scrap That Idea.

Valentine Kisses

What a busy Valentine's Day it was this year. On Friday our son had a Valentine Party at School and I made a little bag with goodies for the party. My Camera Battery died after taking two photo's so no page of the party. I dislike rechargable batteries. I now have a new camera that can take rechargable, regular batteries or Lithium. I'm very excited and it wasn't a fortune. All my photos from the end of Febuary on; are with my new camera. Yeah! OK, enough about the camera and back to the busyness.
I got out my 1952 Better Homes and Garden Cook Book and was on the hunt for Frosting that would become hard on the sugar cookies. It took longer and was more of a challenge than I anticipated and cookies had to go in the bag without frosting. Better anyway less sugar for the kid's. But there was a recipe for Petites Fours which I love. They turned out OK but weren't as good as the little Bakery I sometimes go to.
The kid's made Valentine cards for Daddy when school was out. Our daughter made her's all by herself. She was very proud.
It was our Fourth Wedding Anniversary and the traditional gift was flowers and fruit. So I got a nice plant we can put out in our garden and glued a box of rasins to a heart. I thought it cute. One year it was cotton and my husband put two Q-Tips in a card. I never laughed so hard. I still have them.
Well we had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We didn't get to go out for our anniversary because of work but my husband surprised me with a beautiful card and Cross Necklace. How sweet is he.

OK, here are my credits, I used Stolen Moments kit by Amber LeBau called Funky Love, Font - CK Darling, used Sketch by Just2MoreThings. Click on link to see her kit.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Friends at Recess

More photo's of the kid's playing with friends at the Preschool. This was always a fun time of day for us and I'm always grateful that the school let me bring our two year old too!
Could hardly wait to use this new kit from Random Musing of a Scrapaholic - Stacey Towers - Lil Dude. I recolored the Alpha to contrast with the paper because the orange would have blended in more than I wanted. I'm excited because I just figured out how to do that without cloning. Hee! Hee! Going to use this kit tons and it's especially nice because the colors go so nice with her other boy kit and I can mix and match.