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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sound Tech

My husband has such a cool job doing sound for all the bands, singers, comedians, plays, ballets, shows that come to town. He is a awesome sound tech and when needed does lots of computer stuff to. We took a tour a few years ago of the stage. I saw Frank Sinatra's old dressing room and the big airplane they use on stage. The stage is enormous and under it they store all the props with big elevators to lift everything up. My man gets lots of compliments from the groups that come in about how well he mixes their music. He also did some work in the IS department and wired some very nice rakes.
This is one of my favorite kits by Megan at Studio Flergs - 6K74, Font - Fonticide. You can see this kit and her latest "Into the Twilight" if you click on my side bar.

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