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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dental Visit

Our son had his first Dental cleaning and X-rays. He did such a great job. He has been going to the Dentist since he was 18 months old. All these visits with only a look see sure helped make it smooth going for the first actual cleaning. A far cry from my own childhood horor stories of Dental visits.

Used Stacey Towers - A Little Sassy for this one. Changed the color of the Alphas to stand out a bit more.

1 comment:

Flergs said...

OUCH it looks painful even when it isn't...I hate the dentist but always feel better after anyway. Deacon is freakin already.

What a little trooper your son is! And I love that you made the page so bright and fun too.

Great looking blog *wink wink* hahaha