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Friday, September 25, 2009


I forgot about this layout I did a couple of months ago. Don't have to many photo's of me at work. This was a pretty uniform and not to skimpy like some in Vegas. My favorite was the Black Velvet dress I wore when I worked at the Hilton. Cocktailing was a fun job and had very little stress. Maybe a bit if it was really busy. But it was nice to go home and not think about work. Although I did have my share of waitressing nightmares...When our second baby was born I stayed home. My husbands job had very unusual hours and it was so hard to get someone to watch the kids if his schedule changed or the hours were extended. I like being with my children and we do lots of fun things.
This is such a great kit from Karah Fredricks at the Blue Flombingo - That's How We Roll, Alpha - K Aagard - Sunshine Alpha Freebie.

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Vicki said...

Laramie - I love the layout - very cool!
I can't wait to visit vegas in 2011!!