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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Memory of "Gammie"

I lost my "Gammie" early this morning. She had injured herself last week in another fall and there was nothing that could be done. Then early this am she feel out of bed. I'm so glad that I was able to speak to her on Sunday and tried to raise her spirits. I inherited her gracefulness and am told that I need a Bubble to wear so that I don't get hurt. She was an inspirational women who was loved by so many and who always had a card game going somewhere. I hope that when I'm 93 I will be just as interesting of a women as my Gammie. The kid's talked about her going to Heaven to be with Bubba and Jesus...

Gam came to visit me in Carlsbad CA in the 1990's and I did her make up at the Salon I worked at. She looked so beautiful I had to get a picture.
I have fond memories of watching Lawrence Welk on Sat. nights after we played cards and ate popcorn. When ever we visit you in St. George we watch with you.
Dad had your VCR programed to tape your favorite shows so you would never miss them.
We all took turns holding the puppies and you enjoyed it just as much as the rest of us. What a fun evening.
The kid's and I walked down to the mail box with you. We were enjoy our visit in April 2008.
I made enchilada dinner for Dad and Gammie's friends the Hixon's. The kid had their own little table next to ours. It was so cute; they wanted a center piece on it to.
A picnic in Washington Park on a windy afternoon. I think it was fun that we got out and you enjoyed watching me play with the kid's.
Gammie sure enjoyed her little lap warmers. The kid's always had fun with them too!
We drove down to Dad's trailer in the desert on afternoon. He was not feeling very well and had to go lay down after lunch.
We tried to have nice meals and freeze the left overs for you.
You entertained the grand kid's while I ran an errand to the store and they had a good time playing cards with you.
Getting a hug is the best from great grandson's!
We took you to Red Lobster one evening and all had a yummy dinner together. Gam was so happy to get out for a bit.
You were pushed to lunch and we visited a bit and met some of your friends. You were recovering from your vertebral injury.
Having fun at your temporary lodgings. The kid's wanted badly to run in the hallways and Mom had to put a stop to that.
I have so many wonderful memories of my Gammie and enjoyed hearing about your life over the years and getting to know you as an adult was great. We always had interesting talks. I will miss you so much but know you are glad to have moved on to a spiritual place and that I will see you again one day myself.


Vicki said...

Laramie - your Gammie looked like she was the most wonderful person. Thinking of you and your family at this really sad time. Big hugs xxxxx

Gina said...

Sorry to hear about you family's lose. It is great that you have so many fond memories of your Grammie. You will be in my thoughts and prays :)

paul said...

Thanks for posting this Laramie; it shows how happy Gammi was spending time with her family right up to the end of her life. It's hard to believe that she's gone. We're all going to miss our Gammi so much!

Laramie said...

Thank you all. She will be missed so very much!