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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years DAY

Hey everyone Happy New Year. It was a fun day yesterday. My husband had to work a 12 hour day and I took the kids to a favorite play place. They had a blast. I read while they played. I'm on book two of the twilight series. I borrowed them from my sister. I saw the second movie about two weeks ago and thought my winter break would be a good time to read a grown up book. Hee! Hee! As much as I like Green Eggs and Ham and Walter the Farting Dog, it has been so nice to read something for me. It's been so long I forgot just how much I enjoy it.
I enjoyed the movie so much and now reading the books kind of fills in the blanks. I used several kits to make this layout. Sweet Blossom Designs - Twilight, Flergs - Into the Twilight, Maltese Scraper - Girls Night Out, the rose is unknown. I had a hard time finding a good image that was decent but this one was very good.

My hope for the World is a better year for everyone in it and that we can find some way to all get along and coexist. I know it more than likely will never happen because we are all so judgemental and intolerant of others but I can HOPE.

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