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Thursday, July 1, 2010

STI Half Price Collabs

Scrap That Idea is having a wonderful Sale going on throughout the month of July on all the store collabs. If you have a favorite kit now is the time to pick it up. What a fantastic deal. Click on Preview to go to the store.
Well I loved the new Twilight film "Eclipse," the screen writer did an excellent job staying close to the book and the actors were amazing as usual. Billy Burke was a scene stealer as usual. He really cracks me up. It will be sad when it's over but I'm sure everyone working on the film will be ready to move on even if those of us who enjoy their work want more. I look forward to all their future projects and seeing what types of films they work on next.
I'm so disappointed that Stephenie Meyers is not going to finish Midnight Sun. Because of one persons actions the rest of us are missing out. I hadn't even known about the breach until I went on Stephenie's web site. She had a chapter for us to read and WOW, now I'm even more disappointed. I hope she changes her mind. The character of Edward is fascinating. I also loved reading "The Host". Enjoyed reading The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner. Seeing things from the other perspective was interesting.

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