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Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a Note

Our little mini holiday was wonderful but felt fast. We packed so much into the few days that we were in San Francisco. The weather was wonderful and so cool. Very enjoyable after the almost 100 degree (37 C)guesstimate, that we were having here. We had two almost sunny days. We walked in the red woods in early evening. I was surprised that there were no mosquito's. Swam in the heated pool at our hotel but I was still a bit cold. We went to the Aquarium by the Bay, Pier 39, Blue and Gold Boat tour. Hubby sang the theme from Gilligan's Island and I said Stop It. It was the first time I wasn't sick on a boat. I stood on top right in the front. My eyeballs felt frozen and felt like I was in a wind tunnel. It was blowing up my nose so hard, very strange. Hee! But I wasn't sick, yeah! We ate seafood and walked along the wharf. We went to the California Academy of Science and to the Exploratorium. My favorite was the Japanese Tea Gardens. In the evening the kids and hubby swam and we watched the Discovery Channel. Sometimes I miss having the Satellite, most of the time there is nothing good on. Of course there are a few photo's of me but mostly I'm the paparazzi. You hear everyone groan when the camera comes out.

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