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Friday, February 22, 2013

Project 365 printed

Well I just got my first printed book done. It's an 8 x 8. I've printed for others but not for me. Yeah! Used my "Project 365 Series" for the cover and inside page. Love how it turned out. "Art Cows" did a pretty good job and their colors are better than they used to be. It's easy to use and they print on the spine. I did not take the layout to the outside of the grey area as they request because last time they cut to much off. So there is a small white border and that's OK. It also makes it so you don't lose as much info in the center of the pages.  The shipping is ridiculous but they are well packaged. I should have taken the LO's to the edge of the grey on the outside covers. Oh Well! It also would not allow me to type in how many extra pages I needed so it only would add 20 at a time so I have a large number of blank pages at the end of the book. I had to print in two books because I had 102 pages and they only print 100 pages per book. Soooo, this year I will do a few single pages to make the book a little smaller. Love those double pages, they look so great when looking through the book and then facing pages match.  All in all very pleased with how they turned out.
 Cover Page "p365"
 Week 17 "p365 April Bundle"
 Week 14 "Doodly Doo"
 Week 8 "Graduate"
 Week 5 " Field Trip Ahead"
 Week 29 "p365 April, May, June & July Bundles"
 Week 35 "p365 April, June, July & September Bundles"
 Week 44 "p365 April, May, June & October Bundles"
 Back cover
I'm just so excited to finally have a printed book and will do this coming years as well. Thanks for taking a peek. I love digital. Saves so much room on the shelf and looks just as nice. Ha! Ha! 

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KandiceD said...

Laramie this looks so awesome!!!