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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Blustery Day - Newest Watercolor

Well here is the latest painting, "A Blustery Day". It is showing from now until Dec. 29Th at the Wilbur B. May Museum at Rancho San Rafael Park. The Sierra Watercolor Society Show is called Around the World in Art. And I got a sneak peek and it's amazing. What a fantastic bunch of artists we have in our group. I will have a hard time voting for my favorite painting. I have three that are begging for my vote. This one isn't a 10 but maybe an 8. My mentor Joyce Burke used to tell us to rate our work and if it's a 10 to stop painting. That's the hardest thing to learn with watercolor. When to put your brush down. I feel it could have used a little more contrast with darks but it was late and I still had to frame it so I said to myself, "it's an 8".

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