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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get Happy Collab by STI

This page is with Stacey's part of the Collab. What a fun day the kid's had when we went to a local shopping center to check out all the way cool play houses on display. One was even air conditioned and another had a real fire place. They were amazing and going to be auctioned for Charity. We not only would not be able to bid but, not a one would fit in our very small yard.

This one is using Vicki's part of the Collab. This was our son's first day of preschool. He couldn't wait to start so we started him two weeks early. He didn't even look back when we left and I was glad that he didn't feel scared or Mommish. (Is that a word?)

This is the Full Kit Preview for "Get Happy"
This is Stacey's Scraps part of this amazing Collab.
This is AWP - Vicki's part of this Scrap That Idea Collab. You can pick up this Collab at Scrap That Idea. Here I will have another layout with the entire kit later today so check back. Very fun Summer kit and you can't beat it when the Designers do a collab. So much in one kit.

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