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Friday, July 24, 2009

Music to my Soul

This is one of my most favorite times in 2008 so I scraped it again. I use two of Vicki's older kits - Cafe Del Mar & Fizzy Pop (Recolored) some items, Font Galeforce BTN. Check out Vicki's blog she has some of her older kits for a $1 and then to be retired. Here Sure miss my DAD!
Everyone except me came down with this awful intestinal thing but are now better. I was so tired and am not sure how much laundry I did. When I was young I worked at an amusement park and saw people vomit all the time. I would clean it up and could go right on my lunch break no problem. Now though the smell really gets to me. I seem to be more squeamish since having children. Sa la vie! I guess I can't spell check the french. LOL

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